Lies That Make News: Jeb Bush Is Hispanic; Rachel Dolezal Is Black; & Hillary Clinton Is Trustworthy!

By John W. Lillpop

Good grief, whatever happened to the American virtue of telling the truth, regardless of whether it bodes well or ill?  You know, the “old school” virtue that caused me so many harsh spankings because of “ innocent deviations from the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but…,” in my misspent youth?

The new normal seems to be: Reveal as little as you can, and then only that which enhances your image---whether true or not!

This unhappy devolution of truth is celebrated as progress when male star athlete Bruce Jenner is featured on the front page of Variety Magazine as the very female Caitlyn Jenner, following his/her transformation at the hands of modern, intrusive science.

Granted, the Bruce/Caitlyn story may not be as important as the war against ISIS, or California’s man-made (Democrat Party) drought crisis, or Barack Obama’s drive to pave the way for Iran to join the nuclear club en route to annihilating Israel and six million expendable Jews.

Still, there are instances in the news where prominent or newsworthy people are engaged in lying on important matters.

Take Jeb Bush: Jeb’s political agenda is largely about making illegal invaders, mostly Hispanics, into legitimate citizens because, after all, these foreign criminals were driven to their crimes by LOVE!

So in love with this idiotic notion is Jeb Bush, that he has in the past declared himself to be Hispanic, although, in reality, he is a lily-white descendant of two former US Presidents!

Does America really want to elect a man to high office who can’t remember his ethnic identity, or who is willing to fake it for political advantage, or both?

Then we have Rachel Dolezal, head of the local chapter of the NAACP and chairwoman of a police oversight committee in Spokane Washington, positions allegedly secured, at least partially, as a result of her claim to be African-American.

How in the world is the cause of the African-American community served when an individual deliberately lies (allegedly) about her race, apparently to improve her chances of securing a position of high credibility and authority with the NAACP?  How does her behavior reflect on the majority of NAACP members who are honest, forthright people?

Finally, we have the case of Hillary Rodham Clinton, known far and wide as a “congenital liar,” allegedly complicit in the Benghazi slaughter of 4 American diplomats, and the elaborate cover-up of same to protect Barack Obama just before the 2012 presidential elections.

This case is probably the most egregious and despicable example of awful behavior, made all the worse by deliberate obfuscation with the intent to obstruct justice. A trait which is NOT acceptable in a candidate for the US presidency!

The bottom line: Just say no to bottom feeders Jeb Bush, Rachel Dolezal, and Hillary Clinton.

Let’s restore honesty to its rightful place as a honored virtue in American culture!