With Hillary on the Ropes, What About Joe Biden?

By John W. Lillpop

Hillary Rodham Clinton continues to build a despicable dossier,  regarded as quite respectable in criminal circles, of deceit, criminality, and truth evasion that would rival the most prolific gangster, in or out of political office throughout America.

She is the newly crowned poster child for the Democrat Party Circle of Corruption; a post recently vacated by Nancy Pelosi, owing to Pelosi’s dementia-ravaged mind and soul, severally aggravated by Botox poisoning

Not only does Hillary face fierce inquiries about the family Ponzie scheme, euphemistically known as the Clinton Foundation, and the unseemly hustling of foreign, anti-female money while serving as Secretary of State, raising the ugly specter of influence peddling and sedition while masquerading as a highly-connected public official, but she also will come face-to-face with a pool of blood-thirsty sharks in Congress who will demand answers regarding the death of four American ambassadors in Benghazi, Libya and details concerning her role in the cover-up of the 9/11/12 terrorist attack, said cover-up executed to shield Barack Obama from truth and consequences just weeks before the 2012 presidential elections.

Ever the party of fresh ideas and faces, Democrats have reacted to the faltering of the “Inevitability Queen”  with grace and good humor.

This is so because Democrats can fall back on the accumulated experience and wisdom of Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley, two progressive nut balls almost as extreme and unacceptable for the presidency as Hillary!

Should one or both of those sterling characters fail the smell test, the left can always roll out the worn-out carcass of Joe Biden who, when not doing standup impersonations as the Village Idiot at Washington, D.C. comedy clubs, entertains the White House press crew with misquotes, faux pas and surreal inanities, almost too good and plentiful to be true.

Best of all, Joe Biden has mastered the logistics of the White House and is  usually able to find his way, without special help, to the Oval Office.

Go Joe Biden!