GOP Embraces Diversity & Youth; Democrats Mostly Old, White!

By John W. Lillpop

The travesty known as the Obama presidency has impacted the racial, age, and gender mix  of candidates vying for the presidency in both major political parties.

While Republicans have made significant strides toward a more diverse field of candidates, Democrats have eschewed inclusion and are now  the party of old, mostly Caucasian, candidates.

As of this date, the announced, or soon to be, GOP field for 2016  includes two Hispanics (Cruz, Rubio), one Hispanic poser (Bush), one African-American (Carson), and one woman (Fiorina), most of whom are young and vibrant.

By contrast, Democrats have an old, tired, congenital  liar in Hillary Clinton, an old white, loony socialist in Bernie Sanders, and a white leftist, Martin O’Malley, with indelible and direct responsibility for the Baltimore disaster on his resume.

If it is indeed true that diversity is our greatest strength, 2016 should be a good year for the GOP and America!