Michelle Obama’s Museum Problem!

By John W. Lillpop

Progressive politicians and affiliated lap dog pundits are working feverishly to create widespread public alarm and disdain for inequality in America, and to promote costly social programs to obviate the same, especially in minority communities.

The basic premise is that because of unjust and unfair government policies, some American citizens have suffered, and continue to suffer, disproportionately high unemployment, poverty, and illiteracy rates, all of which significantly diminishes the ability to “pursue happiness” in accordance with the Declaration of Independence.

First Lady Michelle Obama is an excellent example of an African-American woman who is caught in the Inequality trap.

Although the FLOTUS is a highly educated, affluent elitist worth tens of millions of dollars with access to nearly unlimited resources and political influence, spends millions of taxpayer dollars on extravagant vacations and travel, Mrs. Obama nonetheless complains bitterly about uncomfortable feelings, when visiting American museums.

Mind you, there are African Americans who are justified in feeling frustrated and victimized by Inequality. After all, on a national level, black unemployment is 8.7%; the black poverty rate is 27%, and black illiteracy is nearly 24%.

Clearly, Michelle Obama is not badgered by any of those ills.

Rather, Mrs. O. seems committed to being a perennial malcontent, always looking for a reason to attack Americans.

With such an attitude, it is hardly surprising that she always sounds trivial, dour, and increasingly irrelevant!