Revised US Citizenship Exam

By John W. Lillpop

As the Hispanic population in America continues to soar, politicians from both political parties are working feverishly to curry favor with this constituency, both the illegal invader type and the seven or eight thousand here legally.

An example of  bending over backwards pandering to invaders is found in the latest edition of the US citizenship exam which has been modified significantly to accommodate the surge of illiterate invaders.

The test:

1. Being a citizen of the US is:

( )Not possible for brown people in red states,
( )The Constitutional  birthright of all Hispanics who speak Spanish,
( )Waste of time for amigos with friends in high places

2. Illegal alien is defined as:

( )Any Hispanic who cannot speak Spanish,
( ) Hispanic caught voting Republican in two successive elections,
( )A fat American gringo in Tijuana without required documents

3. Jeb Bush:

( ) Is politically to the left of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders,
( )Thinks he is Hispanic by blood,
( )Believes the Treaty that ended the war between Mexico and the US should be nullified until the 8 states awarded to the US are returned to Mexico

4. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker:

( )Was for amnesty before he was against it,
( )Is for amnesty as long as his poll numbers remain high,
( )When asked if he is Hispanic, answers, “To be determined”

5. President Barack Obama is a strong supporter of amnesty because:

( )He is an illegal alien himself and knows how it feels to be denied food stamps because of  the legacy of racism,
( )He has already executed Executive Orders which would be too time-consuming to reverse,
() White, Republican, Christian males are permanently  excluded from amnesty.

6. The borders between the US and Mexico:

( )Are symbolic only and can generally be ignored, if one is headed north
( )Are very accurate GPS markers for beginning an illegal, violent invasion of the US.,
( )Are eradicated as part of Barack Obama’s Executive Orders on Amnesty

7. Cinco de Mayo day is:

( )Not celebrated or even recognized in Mexico,
( )A major source of revenue for beer bars and DUI defense lawyers in border states,
( )Jeb Bush’s unofficial birthday

8. In Spanish, the Bush surname means:

( )Fat dodo head,
( )Loco gringo,
( )Paleface who thinks he is brown!