Jeb Bush Dead Wrong on So Many Issues: Why Is He Running As Republican?

By John W Lillpop

Jeb Bush has been promoted by supporters as the “smart” brother in the Bush tribe, although it is difficult to imagine a “dumb” brother of W. walking on his own, let alone running for important public office. 

Jeb is renowned for his positions on immigration, Common Core and taxes, all of which might find favor within the Bush family, but which run contrary to the views shared by most Republicans and conservatives.

His latest spiel on the 2003 invasion of Iraq was so disjointed and contradictory that even his most ardent fans were questioning the wisdom of calling him “smart,” even in comparison to the addled W.

Clearly, Jeb Bush is not ready for prime time and he appears to be as generically lacking for national responsibility as was W. and the insufferable toad now in office, Barack Hussein Obama.

What to do?

Perhaps Jeb should learn the fine art of lying incessantly, and without shame. Then he should change his party affiliation to Democrat and give Hillary Rodham a fight for the party nomination!

Go Jeb, go!