Obama-Holder Legacy of Lawlessness Undermines Rule of Law for All, Including People of Color!

By John W. Lillpop

Even the most ardent supporter of police and the rule of law must concede that the Eric Garner case sends an urgent message that the Grand Jury system must be reviewed and, if needed, revised to assure fair, impartial, and moral application of the law to all.

Thankfully, many conservative pundits and politicians have been outspoken in acknowledging that Garner was essentially murdered by law enforcement, and that the Staten Island Grand Jury was woefully negligent in not holding police accountable.

At the same time, the Ferguson Grand Jury decision concerning the shooting death of Michael Brown appears reasonable and fair, given the information available to the public.

Both cases validate the need for a critical review of procedures and policies of not only the police, but grand jury deliberations as well.

Objective, fair, and unbiased reviews are called for in the name of equal justice under the law. The American people deserve to know that equal justice is the objective of our government.

Unfortunately, top law enforcement authorities in charge, President Obama and Attorney General Holder often hold the rule of law in utter contempt and work to circumvent and thwart law enforcement--- when it suits their political biases.

Obama has created a Constitutional crisis with his outrageous Executive Orders, whether signed or not, which seek to mitigate existing immigration laws and ignore the US Congress.

Holder, in concert with Obama, refuses to abide by the law in the “Fast and Furious” scandal involving the illegal transfer of guns to Mexican drug cartels.

Obama’s other scandals involving the IRS persecution of conservatives, the Benghazi murders, and others provide little assurance that those responsible for enforcing the law, including Holder, take the law seriously when it comes to their own behavior.

Time to look at justice in America?

By all means… let’s start with the White House and the Department of Justice!