Because Black Life Is Precious, and All Black Lives Matter---

By John W. Lillpop

The statement “Black Lives Matter” is true enough, but does not go far enough!

Because black lives matter so greatly, there is an urgent need to respect, defend, protect, and apply due diligence to assuring that those lives are honored and preserved.

That means that untoward behavior which cheapens or endangers black life must be avoided at all costs.

Behavior such as violating the law and resisting law enforcement authorities; attacking law enforcement officials;
improper use of drugs and or alcohol, and other anti-social actions which isolate one from the community are all self-defeating assaults on one’s self which rob one of the dignity and self-esteem needed to survive in a very complicated social environment.

Being black in America is not easy, in fact, it can be damn tough and a real challenge.

That challenge is made all the more difficult when one acts against one’s own interest by engaging in behavior that catapults one into dangerous conflicts with law enforcement.

Many black people believe that white police are biased against blacks. That belief is certainly true in some cases, but not all.

Given the fact that white bigotry does exist to some extent among law enforcement officials, why would any sane black man engage in a crime (such as robbing a convenience store) which is almost guaranteed to end badly for the black man?

Such behavior is reckless, disrespectful of black life, and stupid.

Black people have a responsibility to act in a manner that minimizes interaction with law enforcement.

This is so because Black Life Is Precious, and All Lives Matter!