Illegals Amnestied by Unlawful Decree Will Never Be REAL Americans!

By John W. Lillpop
San Jose, Ca

President Obama, knowing that the "fundamental transformation of America" from a capitalist, free-market, Democratic republic into a socialist nanny state cannot be accomplished in accordance with the US Constitution, has decided to ignore the Constitution, existing law, and the US Congress, and act unilaterally by issuing an Executive Order(s) to make that which is illegal suddenly legal and to render meaningless the concept of equal power among government branches and to further render irrelevant the notion of “government by, for, and of the people.”

Should Obama’s outrageous behavior not be reversed in the halls of Congress, or before the US Supreme Court, or both, he will have forever ruined the names and reputations of those who came here illegally, but whom were allowed to ignore the rule of law--- solely for the purpose of illegally growing the Democrat Party.

Furthermore, illegal aliens made legal by virtue of Obama’s unlawful decree will never be accepted as REAL Americans!