Give Credit Where Due: Liberal Democrats DID Build Obamacare!

By John W. Lillpop

One of the more appalling instances of Barack Obama’s arrogance and disrespect for America and Americans came in 2012 when he famously uttered, “You didn’t build that!”

He was referring to private American interests which, in his Marxist-corrupted view, were receiving too much credit for the innovations and creativity which have made America great.

According to Barack, the critical role of government needed to be recognized, and his “You didn’t build that!” assault on capitalism was meant to level the playing field between Marxist bureaucrats and private enterprise.

Given the colossal alienation of American health-care consumers and the technical “glitches” manifested since the October 1 roll out of Obamacare, it seems only fitting to update the government versus private enterprise fray:

When it comes to Obamacare, Mr. President, you and Congressional Democrats who enacted the goofy law deserve full credit and recognition

To wit, “Barack Obama and Democrats DID build Obamacare!”

And how is that working out for America, Mr. President?