3 Percent Enroll in Obamacare: Another Smashing Victory for The One??

By John W. Lillpop

Well, the Obamacare numbers have finally been coaxed out of the Communist-in-chief at the White House.

Brace yourselves, pilgrims, because it is not a pretty picture.

Unless, that is, you happen to be a nanny bird-brain like Nancy Pelosi who saw Obama’s global humiliation in the Syrian mess as a “victory” for The One and a bitter defeat for Comrade Putin!

In much the same manner, Obama’s “signature achievement” in domestic policy has brought clarity and meaning to the phrase “Crash and burn.”

How else to describe the expenditure of over $600 million of taxpayer dollars on a web site which is designed to bring full employment and prosperity--- but only to hackers and scam artists, and at the expense of those seriously ill folks searching desperately for honest health care?

If you like your pre-existing conditions and disabilities, rejoice, because with Obamacare you can keep them!

The amazing thing about the Obamacare roll out is that more people lost their existing health plans than signed-up for this Marxist nonsense!

As reported at the reference:

President Barack Obama's healthcare reform has reached only about 3 percent of its enrollment target for 2014 in 12 U.S. states where new online health insurance marketplaces are mostly working smoothly, a report released on Monday said.

States with functioning exchanges have signed up 49,100 people compared with the 1.4 million people expected to be enrolled for 2014, according to the report by healthcare research and consultancy firm Avalere Health.

With enrollment in the federal HealthCare.gov web site serving 36 states stalled by technical failures, the weak sign-ups for functioning insurance exchanges could be due to the administration's difficulty to promote the program as a success, Avalere said.

The government is due to release national enrollment figures for the month of October this week. Open enrollment ends March 31, 2014.

Supporters of Obamacare and health insurers fear that scant participation in the private insurance exchanges will prevent them from becoming a sustainable new individual market, including the right mix of young and healthy members to offset coverage for older, sick people.

Before the Oct. 1 launch of enrollment, policy experts had expected that Americans would sign up gradually to the new Obamacare plans, consistent with the roll out of other healthcare programs like Medicare's prescription drug program for the elderly in 2006, according to Avalere President Dan Mendelson.

The turnout in states with functioning marketplaces has so far been weak rather than gradual, according to Mendelson. This could mean HealthCare.gov's problems, which have prompted high-level oversight hearings led by Republican lawmakers, could be weighing on all states, he said

"The technical problems of the web site and enrollment generally are causing the administration to go much slower on the positive messaging that is necessary to build enthusiasm for the law and that's an issue," Mendelson said.

And for that, the American people forked over $600 million dollars, Mr. President?

Good heavens, sir, what a pity that that $600 million was not used to fund another Solyndra, or other green pipe dreams.

Or, imagine how that $600 million could have been used for food stamps to lure even more illegal aliens here from Mexico in time for the 2014 elections?

Still, Nancy Pelosi warned us that we needed to pass Obamacare to find out what’s in it.

Still waiting, Madame Pelosi!