Fate of We the People Left to Lame-duck Marxist Who Hates America?

By John W. Lillpop

Just how in the hell is it possible that America has fallen so profoundly, and with such haste, from being the most powerful force in the world, with a Camelot figure at the helm, to where we find ourselves today: A nation in utter decline, no longer respected or feared by adversaries, run by a Sub-standard, scandal-riddled, congenital liar/tyrant who is blessed with no obvious leadership ability, integrity, or other redeeming qualities, and who hates American values and history?

A lame-duck Marxist who hates America!

How can such a creature be expected to represent the interests of 330 million Americans against the evil forces of Islam, where driving Israel into the Mediterranean is the greatest priority in the eyes of crazed Mullahs?

Where leaving Israel in a cloud of radioactive distress for a millennium, or two, is considered ‘moderate’ policy?

A soulful prayer requesting forgiveness and removal of the Change and Hope Curse seems appropriate.

Thus, we pray:

Why hath thou forsaken us, oh Lord, by sanctioning the installation of the hand-maiden of Beelzebub into the Oval Office, once known to be at the Right Hand of God?

What must we do to reclaim our human heritage and spiritual alignment with thee on highest, oh Lord?

Amen and amen!