Words from Gaza Following Explosion in Tel Aviv: “God Willing, We Will Soon See Black Body Bags"

By John W. Lillpop

Those who insist on referring to Islam as a “Religion of Peace” please reconsider.

For on this day, a rocket fired from Gaza struck a bus in Tel Aviv resulting in multiple injuries, but no fatalities.

As reported at reference 1:
Police said it was not a suicide attack and suggested that someone might have left the device on the number 142 bus.
The driver, who escaped largely unscathed, told reporters he had not seen anyone suspicious get on board.
"I felt the explosion ... Smoke was everywhere, you couldn't see a thing," he said. The blue and white vehicle was not torn apart by the blast, indicating it was a relatively small device.
The bombing happened on the eighth day of an Israeli offensive against the Gaza Strip and coincided with intensive diplomatic efforts to secure a lasting truce.”
Intensive diplomatic efforts notwithstanding, news of the explosion inspired thanksgiving among some Palestinians.

Also from the reference 1, Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri hailed the explosion:

"Hamas blesses the attack in Tel Aviv and sees it as a natural response to the Israeli massacres...in Gaza," he told Reuters. "Palestinian factions will resort to all means in order to protect our Palestinian civilians in the absence of a world effort to stop the Israeli aggression."
Sweet cakes were handed out in celebration in Gaza's main hospital, which has been inundated with wounded from the round-the-clock Israeli bombing and shelling.”

Sweet cakes all around! Celebrate the explosion with gusto!

A Gaza broadcaster added passion to the occasion by saying, “God Willing, We Will Soon See Black Body Bags.”

See YOUTUBE link below:


Sweet cakes and wishes for black body bags! What more should one expect from a “Religion of Peace” farce grounded in the 7th Century and based on hatred of all things Jewish?

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