Profiling the ‘New’ American Voter

By John W. Lillpop

As the 2012 election is consigned to the archives (filed under stupid, insanity, and self mutilation), political pundits are racing to develop a detailed, comprehensive profile of the modern voter in preparation for 2014 and beyond.

Scholars are discovering that contemporary voters have a number of unique takes on the American experience.

Indeed, voters differ from previous electorates in the following ways:

( )Excessive long-term unemployment is no longer a stigma, especially when the government provides extended unemployment benefits;
( )23 million people in the category of unemployed or underemployed is acceptable, especially to those holding good-paying jobs;

( )Economic growth of 1-2% is palatable, provided government-funded programs for food stamps, welfare payments and the like are available;

( )16 trillion dollars in federal debt is aggravating, but hardly debilitating especially when the government can print as much money as it needs at any time;

( )Living within one’s means is an old-school myth, based on old (Caucasian) wive's tales from previous centuries. Has no relevance to life in 21st century.

( )Spending cuts which impact programs to the poor and needy are inherently racist. Better to soak the rich in order to fund wasteful spending;

( )Nearly 47% of the electorate is living off the teat of public welfare. The beauty is that American can afford it!

( )The murders of innocent American ambassadors serving on foreign soil, such as in Libya, are unfortunate, but understandable given the hostile nature of most white American ambassadors and their insensitivity to the religious feelings of Muslims;

( )Considering America's history of slavery and discrimination, electing black presidents is the right thing to do, at least through the rest of this century;

( )Voter fraud is a myth perpetuated by white voters unwilling to admit new demographic realities;

( )Mainstream media outlets like ABC, CBS, and NBC are objective, non-partisan institutions that thrive on objectivity and fairness, whereas FOX news and conservative sources are despicably corrupt and unworthy, and

( )Folk hero musician Bob Dylan is more in touch with American voters and is wiser in all ways than Michael Barone, Dick Morris, and Peggy Noonan can ever hope to be!

Given this sort of mindless thinking, it’s a wonder that Obama did not win by a bigger margin!