Blessings Worthy of Thanksgiving!

By John W. Lillpop

Given the results of the November 6 elections, some Conservatives may find it difficult to conjure up much to be thankful for this holiday.

After all, Barack Obama was re-elected despite domestic and foreign policy failures too numerous, and painful, to enumerate.

Obama’s efforts to dismantle America (he calls it ‘fundamental transformation’) were boosted, but just slightly, by modest gains in both chambers of Congress.

Four loyal Americans serving their nation as diplomats in Libya were slaughtered at the US embassy in Benghazi by Al-Quaeda thugs who, according to our President, were vanquished and no longer much of a threat.

Regrettably, the Obama administration and Democrats in Congress are more interested in defending the actions and career path of UN Ambassador Susan Rice than they are in telling the American people the truth about the second most awful September 11 in our history.

Still, there ARE blessings for which Conservatives should, however grudgingly, give thanks.

Number one, we should give thanks for the 22nd Amendment which limits the President to two terms!

That blessing means that in just four laser-quick years, Barack Obama will be forced to leave the White House, come hell or high water!

With Obama in power, the smart bet is on hell.

Thank thee, oh Lord, for the 22nd Amendment!

Secondly, we the people in our infinite wisdom decided that at least one branch of government should remain in the hands of patriotic, intelligent Americans devoted to preservation of our republic and American values and at least a modicum of fiscal sanity.

Which is why the GOP is still the majority party of the US House of Representatives. How much of a blessing that turns out to be is dependent on the likes of John Boehner, a sobering thought until one ponders the alternative: Nancy Pelosi.

Again, we celebrate the GOP victory in the US House and the prudent denial of the Speaker’s gavel to Nancy Pelosi!

Thank thee, oh Lord, for that!

Further, as of this moment, America is still a free society where ballots, rather than bullets, are used to determine whom shall have the power to govern.

Which means that in just two years, mid-term elections will be held to decide the composition of the US House and much of the Senate.

Thus, in 2014, We the People will have an opportunity to partially redeem the mistakes of 2012 by installing a GOP majority in the US Senate and re-installing the same in the US House, again denying the Speaker’s gavel to Nancy Pelosi!

Thank thee, oh Lord, for the chance to correct, at least in part, the mistakes of November 6, in November 2014!

Lastly, we thank thee, oh Lord, for the American grit and determination that will see us through these dark times.

We will prevail—it just may take longer than we would like!