Hillary Clinton, David Patreaus Slither Away from Benghazi!

By John W. Lillpop

Just what the heck is going on in America?

The week about to end brought all sorts of chaos and bedlam to the fore:

( )Acting against their own vital interests, 50 percent of American voters cast their lot with Barack Obama, assuring another four years of economic, military, moral, and legal decadence for what used to be America;

( )Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, up to her unkempt hair and make-up free face in the Benghazi slaughter, declined to testify before Congress next week.

Prior “travel” plans trump the urgent need for a Congressional overview of the murder of four American patriots in Libya;

( )CIA Director David Patreaus suddenly resigned from the CIA, thereby scuttling his scheduled appearance before Congress next week with regard to Benghazi.

In his case, carnal affairs trump national security and the lives of those four innocent victims of the “spontaneous” kerfuffel of September 11.

Thus, the Obama war on transparency and honesty resumes, right where it left off. Perhaps the media will wake up and dig for the truth?

About as likley as the good people of Philadelphia coming forward voluntarily to admit a mammouth hacking of the voting machines on November 6, which caused Obama to get 99% of the votes?

Is there no hope for America?