Obama Boasts of “Real Progress" on Jobs: What About Blacks and Latinos, Mr. President?

By John Lillpop

President Obama is spinning the latest jobs report as proof positive that he deserves another four years in the Oval Office to deal with the nation’s economic and unemployment crises.

For the record, the latest jobs report indicates an overall unemployment rate of 7.9%, which is higher than in January 2009 when Obama took office.

Notwithstanding the human misery his policies have wrought, the president said, “We have made real progress."

Real progress, sir?

With all due respect, what about the job numbers for African-Americans and Latinos, sir?

Although the economy added 171,000 jobs in October, the overall unemployment rate inched up to 7.9%.

However, the conditions for African-Americans and Latinos worsened as the unemployment rate for blacks went up from 13.4% to 14.3%, and for Latinos from 9.9% to 10%.


Where is the outrage and the street riots over the fact that Obama believes real progress can be achieved without improving the lives of people of color?

Where are Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson?

With just four lying days left before the election, Obama still has not answered the basic question: Where are the jobs?