Why Waste Taxpayer Treasure to Stop Muslims from Killing Muslims?

By John W. Lillpop

In the name of all that is good and holy, why in the hell is our dim-witted president wasting billions of taxpayer dollars in order to prevent seventh-century savages in Libya from slaughtering each other?

I speak of the 162+ Tomahawk Missiles, at $1.5 million per. fired into Libya in order to stop wild-man Ghadaffhi from butchering rebels who have revolted against his 42-year reign of terror.

Why not save those Missiles for a later date and for a cause which has even a vague national interest for America?

After all, the Libyan “rebels” are nothing but a gathering of hooligans and Al-Quaeda want-to-be thugs. Does Obama really believe that these miscreants are freedom-loving heroes lusting for democracy, equal rights, and all of that?

Come on, Barack, the “rebels” hate democracy as much as Ghadaffhi himself, owing their full allegiance to Islam, that “Religion of Peace” farce.

Since when did Islam represent equal rights for women, gays, and other minorities? Since when did Islam respect human life and the right of dissent?

Save those Missiles, Mr. President, for the day, sure to come, when they will be needed to silence Islamofascists in nations where legitimate American interests will need defending.