Trump Barks, Obama Rolls Over!

Trump Barks, Obama Rolls Over!

By John W. Lillpop

In America’s great hour of challenge, our beloved nation desperately needs a president who is bold, transparent, decisive, and unafraid to lead. The thorny issues of the day demand that such a man, or woman, step forward to rescue We the People from the quagmire of economic, political, social and moray decay that has plagued America since 2009.

To coin a phrase, America needs a “Carnival Barker,” and in Donald Trump we may have found one.

Think about it: After nearly three years of dilly-dallying on Obama’s eligibility, the White House has finally decided to end the circus by releasing the president’s birth certificate, a gesture so simple and full of common sense that one wonders why it took so long for Obama to see the light?

Assuming the released document is the “real deal” and not some photo-shop phony, Donald Trump has demonstrated that he, and he alone, has the grit, determination, prestige, and intelligence to lead where the weak dare not go!

Rather than being distracted by Obama’s charisma and the attendant “thrill,” Trump focused on doing what is best for America, regardless of hurt feelings and critics.

In so doing, Trump filled a role that used to be the purview of an independent, objective media, before the great sell out of 2008.

Again, bravo to Donald Trump. He barked and Barack Obama rolled over!