What Will America Look Like on November 3, 2010?

John W. Lillpop

When we the people awaken on the morning of November 3, 2010, just three months hence, what will the political landscape of our nation look like? Will the future look brighter?

Will we the people:

*Have enacted positive CHANGE, away from the Marxist ideology of Barack Obama and the Democrat-controlled Congress?

*Have said NO! to reckless and irresponsible spending, higher taxes, higher deficits, higher unemployment, and pathetic economic growth brought on by Obamanomics?

*Have said NO! to an ill-conceived “stimulus” program that wasted a trillion dollars of U.S. wealth while stimulating nothing?

*Have said NO! to an administration that forces Marxist programs like ObamaCare down the throats of an unwilling American people?

*Have said NO! to the most corrupt U.S. House of Representatives in recent memory?

*Have said NO! to the lack of oversight and checks and balances brought on by single-party rule?

*Have said NO! to an administration that sued a sovereign U.S. state for defending American citizens against invading, foreign criminals, but which refuses to prosecute those guilty of voter intimidation?

*Have said NO! to 40 or so “czars” appointed by the president to avoid Congressional confirmation?

*Have said NO! to an inexperienced, unqualified anti-American community organizer whose policies are at odds with the majority of American citizens?

November 2, 2010: Our chance to say NO! to Democrats no longer deserving of the public trust!