War Losses and Economic Misery No Distraction to Elitist FLOUS

By John W. Lillpop

There has been a spate of awful news recently about the war in Afghanistan and about the U.S. economy and the hijacked “Recovery Summer.”

In Obama’s “right war” in Afghanistan, July was the deadliest month in terms of American deaths since the battle was enjoined ten years ago.

A recent ambush of medical providers there claimed several more American lives in a heart breaking reminder that sometimes brutal force is the only fair and reasonable way in which to wage war.

Yet, we hear nothing from the dithering president, except his nauseating and stupid crowing about how his leadership saved the day in Iraq.

That spin is unbelievably dumb for one who hails himself as intellectually gifted.

On the economic front, another 170,000 jobs were lost in July, despite Obama’s blathering about the “Recovery Summer.”

In fact, as reported at reference 1, in part:

“The Federal Reserve is set to downgrade its assessment of US economic prospects when it meets on Tuesday to discuss ways to reboot the flagging recovery.”

That makes it the “Flagging Recovery Summer,” does it not Mr. President?

Meanwhile, while Mr. Obama works 24/7 to foul up America even more, the elitist First Lady, Michelle Obama, is living it up in Spain at a cost of $75,000 a day!

Wow, $75,000 a day would fund one heck of a lot of unemployment checks for the president’s constituency, Michelle!

Why not let the Obama impostors pay for the Spain extravaganza, including the associated Secret Service coverage, out of the Obama’ personal checking account?

Its called “Spreading the Wealth,” Michelle, a communist catch-phrase coined by a Marxist candidate with whom you are quite well acquainted.

In 2008, Spreading the Wealth was all the rage, but as they say, “BS talks, money walks” and it turns out that that Marxist candidate was talking about spreading YOUR wealth, not his or that of his clueless FLOTUS.

Men and women dying on the battlefield, Americans facing financial ruin at home, and Michelle Obama wastes $75,000 a day of taxpayer money?

Surprised? What the hell did you expect from an anti-American elitist couple like the Obamas?