Will Pope Promote Leftist Agenda, or Will Focus Be on Spiritual?

By John W. Lillpop

As stated so well by Judi McLeod, Editor of Canada Free Press, in a recent column (http://canadafreepress.com/article/75049), conservatives are generally wary over the visit by Pope Francis, scheduled for September 22 –27. The concern is that the Pope will use his trip to promote liberal dogma, particularly with respect to the contentious issue of climate change.

Pope Francis has also made Capitalism bashing (And, slamming air conditioning!) an integral part of his repertoire; doing so in America will irritate, if not alienate, many Americans, Catholic and non-Catholic alike.

Still, the Pontiff can help focus public attention on several critical issues that need to be addressed, including:

Planned Parenthood:
This evil enterprise violates all standards for human decency by practicing infanticide and by harvesting aborted victims for body parts. The Pope should denounce Planned Parenthood, by name, and encourage US lawmakers to withdraw all government funding for these despicable baby killers.

Freedom of Religion: In implementing ObamaCare, the Obama administration has deliberately violated the constitutional right of Catholics, and others, to practice their religious beliefs without government interference. The state of Kentucky was also guilty of violating the religious rights of Kim Davis when she was arrested and incarcerated for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

Illegal Immigration
: Rather than mocking US borders and immigration laws with a staged walk across the US-Mexico border, Pope Francis should state emphatically that illegal immigration is a crime comparable to stealing or bank robbery. He should affirm that the United States has a solemn duty to assure national sovereignty and stability by aggressively defending our borders, language, and culture from foreign invaders.

Perhaps the Pope should head southward on foot and observe the situation at the Guatemala-Mexico border where a massive fence is being built to keep Spanish-speaking brown people out of Mexico. He should also comment on the fact that Mexico deports more people than America does.

The bottom line: Looking for a better life and greater economic opportunity does not entitle anyone to invade a foreign nation in violation of borders and rule of law.

Acknowledgement of Evil: Despite all evidence to the contrary, the Obama administration stubbornly insists that the United States is not at war with Islam and scoffs at the notion that Islam is an evil force. Pope Francis must affirm that evil does exist, and that responsible leaders must acknowledge such and act accordingly to mitigate the impact of evil on innocent, God-fearing men and women.

Crippling Impact of Communism: While Francis is quick to criticize capitalism and capitalist societies such as the United States, he should point out that communism leads to suppression of individual liberty by an atheist government freedom. When it comes to a better life for more people, communism fails totally.

Overall, the Pope would be well advised to moderate his tone so as to not be seen as lecturing or condescending to the American people. We have had enough lecturing over the past seven years and are, quite frankly, sick of it all.