Obama's "Cool As a Cucumber" Mojo Rattled by The Donald!

By John W. Lillpop

Barack Obama’s much lauded “coolness” has apparently been rattled by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

As reported at the reference, The Donald seems to have struck a raw nerve in the overly sensitive, child-like psyche of Barack Obama:

“I’m here to say there’s nothing particularly patriotic or American about talking down America,” Obama said in a clear reference to Donald Trump.

Obama also had a response to Trump’s controversial slogan, Make America Great Again: “America is great right now. America is winning right now.”

Once again, Obama’s bloated ego and world-class vanity cloud his vision and judgment.

What The One fails to recognize is that when GOP candidates speak of America’s weakness and decline they are not lambasting America---rather, they are pointing out the singular failure of Obama to lead and govern effectively!

It’s YOUR flawed policies and failed leadership that are the problem, Mr. President!

Reference http://www.nationaljournal.com/s/73097/donald-trump-is-getting-under-president-obamas-skin