Vatican NOT Amused by Welcoming Committee Set-up to Greet Pope!

By John W. Lillpop

When Pope Francis arrives at the White House on Wednesday to meet with President Obama, he will be greeted by a welcoming committee comprised of a transvestite, a pro-choice nun, and a gay bishop, three Catholics whose lifestyle choices are in direct conflict with Catholic teachings advocated by the Pope.

Other than the fact that Obama has very little, or no, respect for religious customs or teachings, other than those of Islam, it is odd that the president would deliberately seek to embarrass the Pope in such a public and obvious gesture.

Importantly, Obama’s scheme has not gone unnoticed by the Vatican.

As reported at the reference:

President Barack Obama has attracted attention for planning to meet Pope Francis in the White House with a motley assortment of dissenting Catholics and others opposed to Catholic doctrine. Now, the Vatican is signaling that it isn’t happy.

Pope Francis is scheduled to meet Obama on the South Lawn of the White House next Wednesday, Sept. 23. Among those invited by Obama to meet Francis are Gene Robinson, the first gay Episcopal bishop in the U.S., Mateo Williamson, the transgender head of the LGBT Catholic group Dignity USA, and Sister Simone Campbell, a nun who lobbied for Obamacare’s passage despite the fact that it funds abortions and compels Catholic institutions to provide birth control for employees.

While the Vatican hasn’t publicly complained about the guest lineup, an anonymous Vatican official has told The Wall Street Journal they are not happy. According to the official, the Vatican fears Obama is attempting to lure Francis into a photo op where him being photographed next to these activists will be interpreted as an endorsement of their activities, and a repudiation of longstanding Catholic doctrine.

Overall, though, the Obama administration has been trying to emphasize the ways it agrees with the Vatican, rather than the social issues like abortion where they diverge sharply. Vice President Joe Biden (who is Catholic) says he’s read all of Francis’s recent encyclical on climate change, and Francis’s visit to a Philadelphia prison could bolster Obama’s own push for criminal justice reform.”

Meanwhile, the mainstream media is feasting on a so-called “blunder” by GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump who failed to correct a man at one of his campaign rallies who accused Barack Obama of being a closeted Muslim. In that exchange, Trump neither endorsed nor repudiated the claim, but instead quickly moved on.

For that horrific “blunder,” Trump has been called a racist and every other awful name that liberal pundits can concoct.

Once again the mind-boggling, insidious media bias against conservative values raises its ugly head.

To wit: Why is it OK for Barack Obama to harass the Pope with impunity from the media, but a moral outrage for Donald Trump to say nothing in response to an insensitive comment from an audience member at a public rally?

Reference: http://dailycaller.com/2015/09/18/the-vatican-isnt-happy-about-obamas-guest-list-for-the-pope/#ixzz3mC0H30xb