Gullible Fascination with Islamic Terrorists & Illegal Aliens: Inexplicable 14 Years after 911!

By John W. Lillpop

Who could have imagined that, 14 years following the deadly terrorist attacks of 911, the American people would have elected, and re-elected, as US President, an inexperienced, truth- adverse, terrorist sympathizer with a soft spot in his heart (or head) for Islam?

A president who would vehemently deny that America is at war with Islam, despite all evidence to the contrary?

A president who would push for enactment of a nuclear agreement with the terrorist state of Iran that, according to some, could very well lead to the annihilation of Israel and provoke a nuclear arms race in the Middle East?

A president who would prematurely abandon Iraq, thereby enabling the creation and empowerment of ISIS, the most dangerous terrorist entity in history, because of his simplistic conviction that the US- led war there was “dumb”?

A president who has presided over the dangerous escalation of both domestic and foreign conflicts, but who ignorantly brags that the world is a “safer place” because of his efforts?

A president who claims that the threat posed by “climate change” is more serious than dealing with terrorism?

A president, who through his misguided policies, has been party to the violence and turmoil in Syria, but who now demands that thousands of Syrian “refugees” be admitted to the United States, despite the fact that said refugees could, and probably do, include any number of ISIS and/or Al-Quaeda terrorists?

A president who advocates the “Fundamental Transformation” of America into a 3rd world refuge for tens of millions of invading foreigners who do not speak English, are unskilled and uneducated, are impoverished and often diseased, and who are incapable (and or unwilling) to assimilate into American society?

A president who has attempted to use “Executive Orders” to drastically alter the political landscape of America by promoting the invasion of illegal aliens most likely to vote Democrat in the future?

Unfortunately, MIT Professor Jonathan Gruber appears to have hit the nail on the head when he called the American people too “stupid” to understand and praised the lack of transparency in the Obama administration.

How else to explain Barack Obama’s prominence in American politics