Willing to Give Iran Benefit of Doubt? Consider John Kerry’s Scary Remarks Before Congress!

By John W. Lillpop

Although it is hard to imagine, there are apparently some Americans who actually believe that Barack Obama and John Kerry are patriotic, competent Americans who have negotiated in America’s best interests with the terrorist state of Iran concerning that regime’s nuclear ambitions.

Indeed, some normally skeptical Americans are (reluctantly) willing to give Iranians the benefit of the doubt, even though that could have calamitous consequences for Israel, the Middle East, and world peace generally, should the Iranians prove true to their terrorist DNA.

Those inclined to be tolerant and inclusive toward Iran might be well advised to consider recent statements made by Secretary of State John Kerry before Congress in recent days.

As reported:

Iran Is Foremost Sponsor or Terrorism: May Kill Americans or Israelis

Secretary of State John Kerry said on Capitol Hill that Iran "may" kill Americans or Israelis.

A member of Congress asked the secretary of state, "Well, do you believe that Iran is the world's foremost sponsor of terrorism?"

"Yes," Kerry responded.

"And that they will use the conventional weapons made available by the Iran nuclear treaty to kill Americans or Israelis?"

"Well, they may," said Kerry. "They may. And we have, as you know, responded to that from 1979 when they took over our embassy forward, we have put sanctions in place specifically because of their support for terror."

Question for Kerry: Given Iran’s terrorist proclivities, and repeated threats to annihilate the state of Israel, why in the hell has the Administration entered into an Agreement that would send $150 billion in US taxpayer money to Tehran, money that could be used to kill Americans and Israelis and promote terrorism throughout the globe?

US Does NOT Have Access to Secret Agreement Between Iran & IAEA!

John Kerry admitted that the United States does not have access to all of the nuclear deal.

As reported:

At the House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing on the Iran nuclear agreement, Secretary of State John Kerry admitted he does not have “access” to the secret deal between the IAEA and Iran on the enforcement of inspections and has only been briefed on the agreements when pressed by Rep. Ted Poe (R-Texas)
The Poe- Kerry exchange documented as follows:

POE: “The secret deal — Secretary Rice said that she has seen this deal with the IAEA and she’s going to share it with Congress. So if she’s seen it, have you seen it?”

KERRY: I don’t believe that the — Susan Rice, the national security adviser, has seen it. I think –”

POE: “–She said she did, six days ago. She said six days ago she had seen it and reviewed and that Congress will get to see it in a classified section. My question is: Have you seen it?”

KERRY: “No I haven’t seen it. I’ve been briefed on it. And –”

POE: “–But you haven’t read it, you haven’t seen it.”

KERRY: “No because it’s in the possession of the IAEA.”

POE: “Are you going to read it?”

KERRY: “We don’t have access to the actual agreement.”

POE: “But Secretary Rice has access to it, but you don’t have access to it –”

KERRY: “I don’t know about that.”

POE: “That’s just what she said. I’m just going on what she said!”

With the level of incompetence that Kerry has demonstrated before Congress, all Americans should DEMAND that Barack Obama’s surrender to evil be rejected in full.