Southern Culture and Experiences: Indelibly American!


To say that the Confederate flag symbolizes slavery and a legacy of racial discrimination is about as simple minded and myopic as claiming that infant babies are all about dirty diapers!

There is so much more there!

Just some of the thoughts that pop into my mind when I think of life in the Deep South are:

Southern hospitality: Warm, sincere, gracious, honest, caring, & loving “down home” people---people you can trust!

Charming Southern accents, colloquialisms, and humor

Slower speech, more relaxed, lifestyles, less conniving

Politeness, perfect manners & courtesy

Warm summer evenings, rain & thunder storms

Amber waves of grain

Elvis Presley and Graceland, TN

Sunday school in May

Vacation bible school

Gospel music sung so passionately by African-American choirs

Blue grass and country music

Sunday dinner

BBQs, horseshoes,

TV show He-Haw

Andy Griffith & No Time for Sergeants, Mayberry, RFD; Beverly Hillbillies TV show

The Grand Old Opry

Superstar country  performers like Loretta Lynn, Tammy Wynnete, Patsy Cline, Dolly Parton, & other women of renown

Cold watermelon, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, potato salad, hot buttered biscuits, corn on the cob, iced tea, cherry cobbler pie

Magnificent parades on 4th July,  Veterans Day, & Memorial Day

Open, proud love for America, unabashed patriotism

There is so much to enjoy and love in and about the Deep South….why would anyone waste time fretting about slavery and a war that was fought 155 years ago?

Time to heal and live!

Respect and love the Confederate flag for what it is…an indelible part of our blessed American heritage and culture!

May it ever be so!