Dukes of Hazzard—Victim of Flag Hysteria, Anti-South Mob Action!

By John W Lillpop

While PC-driven lunatics work overtime to erase or distort the history and culture of the American South--- and hypocritically do so in the name of tolerance, diversity, and acceptance!--- some southern remembrances will always be cherished, and will surely withstand the venom, hate and vile!

One excellent example is the television series known as the “Dukes of Hazards” a simple, down home comedy that was quite popular from 1979 through 1985. Unfortunately, this charming slice of Americana fell victim to the Confederate flag hysteria currently overwhelming those who should know better.

As a result of the pernicious “Hate the South” campaign sweeping the nation, neurotics in charge at TV Land have announced that Dukes reruns will no longer be shown, because---GASP! --- The Confederate flag was displayed prominently.

Of course, back then the Confederate flag was still legal and was understood to be protected by the 1st Amendment.

Since then, things have only gotten progressively worse, aided and abetted by the unlawful, and at times racist, misbehavior of America’s first African-American president, his equally shameful Attorney General Eric Holder, and a national party looking to score political points in any way possible.

Back to remembrances: The late and sorely missed Waylon Jennings was a prominent figure on the Dukes as a narrator and singer who performed the catchy, humorous theme song for the show.  Jennings must be rolling over in his grave at the idiocy being vented against the Confederate flag and all things Southern!

PC poison can spoil many cherished remembrances, but memories of Waylon Jennings will always live on!