Is There a “White Privilege” Tax in America’s Future?

By John W Lillpop

Now that “white privilege” is officially a part of the American lexicon, it is just a matter of time until some off-her-medications granny-nut like Nancy Pelosi proposes a “White Privilege” tax to punish lily- white Americans for their pigmentation, AND for those still- being- invented micro-aggressive attitudes and behavior, especially Caucasians who also happen to be Republican, Christian, anti-terrorism and whom oppose infanticide, also known as abortion!

Liberals will spin it so that the new white tax sounds vital to the national defense and a critical element in kicking the buttocks of climate change.

Without this new tax, liberals will contend, places like Ferguson, Baltimore, and Charleston will become unmanageably hot, and perhaps even under water in a matter of months.

America will surely fall into anarchy, they will warn.

Chicago is not included in the above list only because everyone knows that the Godfather/Mayor and hard-boiled Jew in charge, Rahm Emanuel, has already driven the Windy City into anarchy and ruin. Behind underwater might be the only thing that can save this cesspool of liberal failure!

It has been written, “One cannot squeeze blood from a turnip,” a particularly apt truism, when it comes to the massive ruins remaining after years of progressive “governance” in the windy city.

Although getting a “White Privilege” tax through the Republican, nearly all-white, Congress will be a formidable challenge, one must remember that the most racist president in US history is sitting in the Oval Office; thus, there is a glimmer of hope---or despair, depending on your perspective.

Of course, Congress critters will have to write a new tax law with the usual gratuities to special interest groups and causes, most if not all, as phony as Nancy Pelosi’s latest Botox look!

Exemptions and write-offs will have to be deliberated and debated to keep we lower-class munchkins in our lowly places, and to protect the undeserved privilege of the scoundrels holding political office.

White privilege tax? What the nation really needs is a “corrupt politicians tax” to be levied against any politician who votes to increase taxes!