When It Comes to Baseless Arrogance, Barack Obama Is Peerless!

By John W. Lillpop

One of Barack Obama’s more offensive  mannerisms is his maddening arrogance. From his body language to his spoken words, Obama seems to be declaring, “I am better than you! So shut up while I explain everything!”

Perhaps that analysis is founded on an inability to accept the fact that a man of color speaks so eloquently?

The “R” word in action, right?


How, then, does one explain the following comments from the Reverend Jesse Jackson in July of 2008:

“In July 2008, FOX network aired a video in which Jackson leans over and whispers, "See, Barack been, um, talking down to black people on this faith based ... I want cut his n**s off ... Barack ... he's talking down to black people."
For emphasis, Jackson appeared to make a stabbing or cutting motion with his hand.”

Talking down to black people, of all things! The audacity is palpable.

Since then, Obama has become more inclusive and he now talks down to all races, IQ brackets, nationalities, and social classes, excepting only known Islamic terrorists and human rights villains named Castro!

Barack has truly evolved into an equal opportunity offender!

If fact, it can be said without fear of contradiction that were arrogance a commodity like gold, Obama would be able to eliminate the US federal deficit with just the sweat from his brow AND still remain obscenely rich!

In the early days of Obama’s presidency, there was a tendency to dismiss his arrogance because, after all, he was soooooooo very intelligent and gifted.

However, after six plus years of almost constant domestic failures, and a trail of foreign policy gaffes that would gag a maggot, Obama no longer deserve any “slack” for that signature smirk.

Barack Obama is a dismal failure and, as such, needs to reign in his over-pampered ego to be consistent with his miserable performance!