Jeb Bush Expands Pejorative “Carpetbagger” to Include Race, Ethnicity!

By John W Lillpop

For years, the term Carpetbagger has been used as a pejorative to describe actions taken by politicians to increase their chances of being elected, usually by relocating to a state other than their home state in order to secure more favorable political conditions.

Bobby Kennedy was accused of using this tactic when he ran for the US Senate from New York in 1964; Hillary Rodham Clinton, running to represent New York in the US Senate in 2000, was also labeled a Carpetbagger.

However, Jeb Bush, the Lily white, rotund RINO from Florida has taken carpet bagging even further by claiming to be a Hispanic/Latino, which coincidentally happens to be the fastest growing demographic in America and, thus, a veritable gold mine for politicians looking to pad their prospects for being elected.

As reported:

“There is little doubt that Jeb Bush possesses strong credentials for appealing to Hispanic voters.

He speaks fluent Spanish. His wife, Columba, was born in Mexico. For two years in his 20s, he lived in Venezuela, immersing himself in the country’s culture. He was born in Texas and is a former governor of Florida, two states with large Hispanic populations.

But on one occasion, it appears, Mr. Bush may have become a bit carried away: He listed himself as Hispanic on a 2009 voter-registration application in Miami-Dade County.”

So there you have it, a new, unethical use of carpet bagging based on despicable lies and exploitation of racial politics.

Although Jeb Bush may fool some Latinos into voting for him, we trust that his tactics will ultimately back fire and elevate the candidacy of a real Latino, such as Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio!