Consequences of Living under a Tyrant: We Have Nothing to Fear, But Our Commander-in-Chief”

By John W. Lillpop

As the world anxiously awaits the latest news from Lausanne, Switzerland about Iran’s suspect nuclear program following yesterday’s missed deadline, one is struck by  conflicting emotions surrounding the talks.

One the one hand, one hopes that a reasonable, verifiable and effective accord, or framework for such, can be reached by the end of Wednesday, April 1.

On the other hand, one dreads an agreement made under intense political pressure, motivated by an unhealthy obsession with getting an accord in place at all costs, without due regard for the quality of such agreement.

This reflects very real concerns about the competency and loyalty of President Barack Obama.  Many patriotic Americans simply do not trust Obama’s judgment in dealing with the terrorist state of Iran, and are further unsure about his commitment to America’s best interests and those of Israel.

Questions about Obama have spawned a new phrase of caution: We have nothing to fear, but our Commander-in-Chief himself”!

Sad, but true, that our greatest enemy may be the man entrusted with the most responsibility for defending America and 330 million Americans, and our allies.