Do “Ordinary Americans” Really Need Another Rich Elitist in Oval Office?

By John W. Lillpop

On Sunday, Hillary Rodham Clinton used social media to deliver the dreadful news: She is running for the US Presidency!

Thus, after the nation has been repeatedly violated by a Marxist renegade and closeted Muslim for years, this liberal extremist would, if elected, continue the destruction of the greatest nation in human history.

Clinton made her announcement by using artfully- crafted populist terms that reek of hypocrisy, fraud, deceit, and unbridled arrogance not seen since Barack Obama last spoke publicly.

Known far and wide as a rich elitist and congenital liar, Hillary nonetheless had the gall to frame her candidacy as one dedicated to the plight of average Americans.

She actually had the nerve to say: “Every day Americans need a champion, and I want to be that champion.” 

She did not even try to explain why in the hell every day Americans need a champion who is worth approximately $50 million, and who is in the top .001 percent income bracket in this era of income inequality hysteria.

Nor did she explain why America should be forced to endure another term, or two, of disgraceful sexual misconduct and harassment of women by her perverted spouse, William Jefferson.

She failed to mention her unlawful diversion of government documents, including sensitive classified information, while Secretary of State, a crisis that is still being investigated by Congress.

No where in her spiel did Hillary address the Benghazi scandal and her role in covering-up the terrorist attack which cost four American diplomats their lives.

All in all, the Hillary tweet was more of the same old tired political theater that has been dumped on everyday Americans based on the Jonathan Gruber theory:

To Wit, leftist politicians can do what they damn well please with impunity, because most Americans are too stupid to know when they are being lied to and cheated!

In other words, when considering Hillary’s candidacy, think Obamacare!