Obama LIED About Views on Gay Marriage? Shocked?

By John W. Lillpop

In a week dominated by news about lying by the “news” media and government, people who should know better feigned shock and bitter disappointment when confronted with confirmed lies by NBC news and Barack Obama.

Especially when it comes to Obama, anyone who was REALLY surprised at revelations disclosed by former White House aid David Axelrod concerning Barack Obama’s “Bull*******” about gay marriage should be prohibited from voting for, say, 10 presidential election cycles!

Such a ban would automatically obliterate any Democrat advantage and should assure a nice GOP run in the White House for a few decades. A situation the US sorely needs and deserves after six plus years of Barack Obama!

Good grief, any literate human being with a sustainable pulse and unencumbered by severe mental retardation knows of a certainty that Barack Obama has ALWAYS avoided the truth—HE LIES!  

Which is why he defeated the “Inevitability Queen” of the Left, Hillary Rodham Clinton, in 2008. Barack was a better liar than the Hildabeast, which is saying something!

Significantly, Barack Obama’s lies are major whoppers, not the small fry white lies that some Democrats thrive on.

Indeed, Obama’s lies involve murder, thievery, extortion, coddling, or worse, of known terrorists, voter fraud and other impeachable offenses too numerous to list.

Among the most evil are:

-Benghazi Murders: Cover-up story, Talking points
-Unemployment rate
-Islamic terrorism
-Hatred of Jews and Israel
-Muslim faith
-IRS abuse of conservative tax payers
-Fast and Furious gun running
-Amnesty for illegal aliens
-War in Libya
-Race relations

In fact, the Obama lies are so pervasive that America desperately needs an objective, independent, honest, impartial, and complete investigation of his history of lies, deceit, and chicanery, along with a factual analysis as to the overall cost to America in terms of lives, billions (trillions?) of dollars, and depreciated core values.

Who could fill such a pivotal role? Who has a history of journalistic integrity and purity sufficient to probe and push for the truth?

Someone with experience and a reputation for excellence from, say journalism? One who has experienced the ravages of war and who has remained committed to the truth and nothing but the truth?

Say what?

No living, and currently employed, journalist meets the integrity and character criteria?

Pity. Just when America needs an honest news person, the species appears extinct!