Congress Must DENY Obama Request for Expanded War Powers

By John W. Lillpop

The recent shootings, burning, and decapitations by Islamic  savages from the 7th century deserve a no-holds-barred response from the civilized peoples of the world. Survival of civilization itself is at risk, making the complete eradication of ISIS and affiliates nonnegotiable.

Because of the horrific, subhuman nature of the Islamic threat, the world of infidels  must come together without haste to assemble a ‘coalition of the willing,’ to purge ISIS and associates from the family of human beings.

The time for “patience strategy” and revisionist history aimed at mitigating the severity of Islamic terrorism is long since past, even though that fact seems to utterly escape the logic and intellect of America’s current Oval Office occupant who seems more intrigued with childhood fantasies about the sweet glory of the Muslim “evening call to prayer,” than adult concern for Islamic atrocities in Paris, Copenhagen, and on the beach where 21 Egyptian Christians were beheaded as if but swine sent to slaughter.

Barack Obama is clearly NOT the man that the world or America can, or should, entrust with the responsibility of saving civilization. In addition to his basic incompetence and lack of integrity, Obama seems more sympathetic with Islamic abusers than with their victims, be they Jew, Christian, or miscellaneous.

Accordingly, the Congress MUST deny Obama’s request for additional war powers given the fact that Obama is incapable ideologically, spiritually, and morally to fight a cause that he appears addicted to.

JUST SAY NO! because granting his wish may lull the world into believing that American Exceptionalism is being tapped.

Remember, with Obama, there is NO American Exceptionalism!