Obama Cruelly Plays Illegals, Hispanic Leaders for Fools, Just to Foster Hatred of GOP!

By John W. Lillpop

As Judge Andrew Hannon issued a temporary injunction against Barack Obama’s unlawful amnesty plan for illegal aliens, two predictable reactions were immediately expressed:

() Hispanic leaders like Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) warned that illegals would not accept the ruling and would become more “militant” in demanding that US borders and immigration laws not be applied to those of Hispanic/Latino ethnicity, and

() American mainstream media blamed Republican racism and xenophobia for the legal injunction, and for endangering homeland security by failing to fund DHS fully.

One is struck by the reaction of Hispanics like Gutierrez, given the fact that Obama himself repeatedly admitted that he could not unilaterally grant amnesty, owing to inconveniences imposed by the US Constitution and by archaic concepts like equal powers of the three branches of government, balance and separation of powers, and the exclusive right of Congress to make laws.

Even so, Luis Gutierrez and other Hispanics chose to make believe, a particularly dangerous posture given the fact that Obama is known to lie, routinely, in order to achieve his legacy goals, as in the ObamaCare fiasco.

Once again, the Gruber syndrome----stupid people will believe anything—resurfaced as Obama’s go-to tool!

But why in the world was Gutierrez & Company so eager to buy into Obama’s evil scheme?  Did they not recall his earlier claims that he was powerless to act unilaterally!

Did they forget that he was an alleged “constitutional scholar,” well versed in the in and out of constitutional law?

The answer has to do with the fact that Democrats, led and inspired by Barack Obama, are on the warpath to eliminate the two-party system in America by forcing the GOP out of business.

Thus, it seems plausible that the Obama amnesty plan was a cruel and heartless ploy to portray the Republican Congress
as mercenary racists and completely at fault for America’s immigration problems.

Never mind that millions of Hispanic families are being played like yo-yo toys in the hands of an evil tyrant who hates America and American values.

As for the likes of Gutierrez, he is just as much to blame as Obama for putting racial preferences ahead of the rule of law and the US Constitution.

A pox on all their houses!