Ebola Death in Dallas: Another “Intelligence Failure,” Mr. President?

By John W. Lillpop

Barack Obama’s greatest legacy may very well be his tragic inability to distinguish between legitimate danger and political folly in formulating policy. For example, Obama wastes an inordinate amount of time and energy fretting over global weather change which neither he nor any of the other  so-called world “leaders” can control, while ignoring, or denying, the rise of the Islamic state, the greatest terrorist threat in the history of the planet.

His second greatest legacy item may be his despicable habit of deliberately lying about his failures, as he did with the Islamic state, when he blamed the emergence of the sub-human, 7th century band of lunatics on the failure of US intelligence, when, in fact, it was Obama’s ego-driven, foolish belief that the war on terror had been won which caused him to reject news which did not match his warped sense of accomplishment.

Obama’s flawed character and low-information approach to governance has brought another potential disaster to America in the case of Ebola.  This president has been adamant in refusing to restrict travel to and from West African nations where Ebola continues to spread and kill.

His reaction has generally been “It can’t happen here” and other head-in-the-sand stupidity which defies explanation.

As reported at the reference, a traveler from Liberia and a known Ebola victim in Texas, has died:

The death of the first Ebola patient diagnosed in the United States renewed questions about his medical care and whether Thomas Eric Duncan's life could have been extended or saved if the Texas hospital where he first sought help had taken him in sooner.
Duncan died in Dallas on Wednesday, a little more than a week after his illness exposed gaps in the nation's defenses against the disease and set off a scramble to track down anyone exposed to him.

Once again, Barack Obama’s distorted judgment and refusal to act intelligently have combined to bring  tragedy to America.

Is the Ebola death in Texas yet another instance of failed US intelligence, Mr. President?