Who the Bloody Hell Cares About Herman Cain’s 12-Year Old Harassment Fiasco?

By John W. Lillpop

As the public castration of Herman Cain continues unabated, the revelation that $35,000 was paid to one of his accusers has shocked and dismayed liberal politicians and self-righteous pundits on the DNC payroll.

Oh, my God, the lefty moon- bats yelp! How can Americans trust a man with such immoral, sexist behavior in his background?

Conveniently lost in the rush to pummel a good black man is remembrance of the fact that Bill Clinton paid Paula Jones $800,000 for something or other.

Clinton was also disbarred and prohibited from arguing before the U.S. Supreme Court.

Meanwhile, 14-26 million Americans are unemployed or underemployed. Millions face foreclosure, millions more see bankruptcy as the only way out.

Federal spending has gone ballistic and huge deficits threaten untold generations not yet born.

America is no longer respected in the world, now viewed as a weak “lead from behind” second-rate power run by a fellow who believes that being # 1 is morally wrong, and should be apologized for at every opportunity.

The middle-east is on the verge of all out war (again) as Israel makes noise about teaching Iran a lesson about geography, history and polite manners. Islamic fascists are rushing to fill the power vacuum created by the Arab Spring, said vacuum made possible while Barack Obama played golf and invaded Uganda.

The European Union is about to implode with unsustainable debt, a situation that will probably effect your 401 (k) and peace of mind eventually, but which does not ring a bell with bat progressives like Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and Obama anxious to add trillions more to America’s debt load.

In sum, all hell is breaking out all across the globe while America is saddled with a goofy professor as president, one who has never met a payroll or accomplished anything of substance in more than 50 years, other than acheiving his 50th birthday.

With all of that going on, who in the bloody hell cares if Herman Cain caused a check for $35,000 to be paid to some neurotic malcontent who screamed “harassment” because of feeling uncomfortable?

Jeez, I am uncomfortable with Obama’s Marxist health care scam: Where’s my check?

Who cares about an entanglement that was satisfactorily resolved 12 years ago?

Good heavens, Herman Cain was born in America, has great love and respect for this nation, and has an abundance of common sense, a commodity in scarce supply on Pennsylvania Avenue these days.

This exceptional American of African descent may have the grit and raw intelligence needed to deliver America from the quagmire of Marxist, non-citizen community organizers!

Why urinate that chance away on some idiotic distraction orchestrated by the party of Bill Clinton, John Edwards, and Anthony Weiner?

God Bless and sustain Herman Cain!