Should DC Democrats Follow Lead of Wisconsin Moon Bats?

By John W. Lillpop

The self-imposed exile of Wisconsin Democrats to Illinois is providing a vital lesson that deserves serious consideration by Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and all other leftists squatting in Washington, D.C.

That is, once the people’s money runs out and traditional standards for morality and decency have been replaced by mindless concerns about political correctness, diversity, and multiculturalism, there is no longer any need for the Democrat Party or those who brand themselves as Democrats.

Indeed, the migration of 14 state Senators to Illinois augers extremely well for the good people of Wisconsin who stand to enjoy dramatic improvements in their economy, schools, health care, tax system, and other institutions in which state government necessarily plays a role.

Furthermore, under the excellent leadership of Governor Walker, Wisconsin looks to be the leader in a national movement to rein in corrupt, greedy government labor unions.

Unrealistic and unsustainable union demands for pensions and other benefits are driving cities all across America into bankruptcy. So far, Governor Walker is one of few state governors willing to stand up and declare “Enough Is Enough!”

So does the Wisconsin “crisis” provide a teaching opportunity for Washington Democrats?

Heck yes, says I.

In fact, given the disaster created by the Marxist trio of Obama-Reid-Pelosi, the time is perfect for Democrats to get the hell out of town and let Republicans clean up the mess.

And where should the Dems go?

How about Mexico? There are millions of needy Mexicans there, and they all speak Spanish. A veritable dream land for liberal malcontents!

Pity there is no money there to waste away, though!

Adios, Democrats. Do not bother to write.