Trump’s Poignant Message to Invading Parasites: Get the Hell Out and Stay Out!

By John W. Lillpop

As the Democrat Party and most GOP presidential candidates grovel before uneducated, unskilled, impoverished, non-English speaking foreign invaders in search of future votes and dirt-cheap labor, Donald Trump has taken the highly unusual step of advocating for AMERICANS FIRST, over illegal invaders!

His clarion call for deporting all illegals and erecting a wall to keep the rest of Mexico in Mexico is wreaking havoc with the likes of Jeb Bush who, because of family influences, has become chief spokesman for the bullpap which holds that Latino illegals do their mischief only out of LOVE, and, therefore, their illegalities are to be overlooked in favor of inviting tens of millions more of them to come here illegally!

Of course, the Donald is not Hispanic (as is Jeb), and is thus not encumbered with the Hispanic racism that rules rampant up and down the Bush family tree.

Jingoist and American patriot Donald Trump rightfully takes offense at foreigners who break into America in pursuit of free education, housing, health care, food stamps, welfare and other booty which attracts undesirable miscreants from south of our borders. He sees the unfairness of those who refuse to take their turns in line, as is required of millions of others, many with far more to offer America than 3rd-world invaders from Mexico and points further south!

After all, America attributes much of her cultural, societal, economic, and political superiority to our insistence on adherence to the rule of law.

Trump understands the folly of pretending that we are a nation of laws when our borders and immigration laws are flagrantly violated by invaders who come out of “love” or any other pathetic cause!

Trump is exactly right! Shut down the borders and ship the invading parasites home!

Take America back, by force if needed, and restore her sovereignty for we the people!