Hillary Clinton: Another “Inevitability” Fail?

By John W. Lillpop

In the 2008 presidential election cycle, American voters were entertained by an epic struggle between a Democrat candidate, Barack Obama, whose campaign was based solely on race, and another, Hillary Rodham Clinton, whose appeal was based on gender.

Pundits in the media who handicap political wars decided that the sexist candidate was “inevitable,” and Hillary Clinton was handed the US presidency on a silver platter, at least in the newsrooms of the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, CNN, MSNBC and other far-left media centers.

Unfortunately for Hillary Rodham, leftist writers and reporters do not cast electoral votes. To date, elections are still decided in private voting booths in schools and other municipal venues where ordinary citizens congregate to fulfill the greatest civic responsibility and right incumbent on US citizens…the right to vote!

Participatory involvement in government for and by we the people!

A truly magnificent part of the American Dream which conservatives are constantly forced to defend against liberals who believe that voting should be a universal “right” open to illegal aliens, convicted felons, and other miscreants normally affiliated with crime, cheating, and other traits common among liberal scalawags.

In any event, political pundits decided that having a black; “first ever” president was more vital to the American brand than having a female “first ever” installed in the Oval Office.

Thus did Hillary Clinton’s first “Inevitability” campaign crash and burn as America was bamboozled into electing an unqualified, incompetent, and anti-American heretic, now known as The One, Barack Hussein Obama, because of his skin pigmentation.

Eight years later, with Obama thankfully “termed out” for presidential runs and no “clean and articulate” racial minority to turn to, the pundits have decided to recycle the Hillary Clinton “inevitability” scam for 2016.

And so it has been another season of disgusting pandering by the media
toward Hillary Clinton, where she has once again been declared president of the US by low-information reporters and writers in the bars and newsrooms of liberal towers of power, edifices, which have all but toppled into oblivion!

As was the case in 2008, the only solid “inevitability” about Hillary Clinton is that her corrupt, money-grubbing, congenital-lying history will eventually consume her and precipitate another crash and burn teachable moment for left-wing sycophants who adore this aged creature.

Whether Hillary winds up in federal prison for misuse of Top Secret documents or is sent back to New York State for confinement with her lying and sexually dysfunctional spouse remains to be seen.

What does seem sure, however, is this: Hillary Rodham Clinton will not be the first female president of the US!