Offended by “Anchor Baby”? How About "Citizen in Name Only(CINO) Baby"??

By John W Lillpop

Those offended by the term “Anchor Baby” need to wake up and smell the crud in their arguments and defect in their characters.

Admittedly, the term is not one of endearment for the child of an illegal alien who timed her deliverance with such care and precision so that the new born would draw his, or her, first breaths while on US soil; thus, according to some warped interpretations, automatically an American citizen.

Keep in mind that the scheming mother would not be a citizen, but would exploit the “love” angle to prey on simple-minded emotions in order to argue against deportation.

“It is immoral and against Christian values to separate a child from its natural mother,
” they will shout with righteous indignation, while racing off to the nearest welfare center to apply for housing, health care, food stamps, and other booty for which the new born “citizen” is eligible and which the illegal alien mother feels she is somehow rightfully entitled.

Lost in all the rhubarb is a most reasonable alternative and one that would limit the expense to American taxpayers: So as to not separate an invading criminal mother from her new born, ship BOTH back to Mexico, immediately!

Taxpayers would bear the cost of two bus tickets, but might ultimately avert multiple generations and decades of welfare fraud!

Pregnant illegal aliens who come here to establish an unjust claim of US citizenship on the backs of manipulated infants are more than just offensive…they are parasitical interlopers!