Objective “Vetting” of Presidential Prospects Vital to America’s Future!

By John W Lillpop

When Barack Obama first made known his lofty designs on the U.S. presidency, his qualifications were immediately challenged by those dedicated to substance rather than style.

Among the questions posed:

 * What relevant experience in his background qualifies Obama to serve as the Chief Executive Officer and Commander-in-Chief of the world’s only superpower?

* Has he a background in managing people and complex bureaucracies? Has he ever faced the rigors of meeting a payroll?

* Does he understand the importance of private enterprise to the American economy, and the need to minimize government interference via taxes and regulation?

* Does he realize that private enterprise, not government, creates jobs?

*Other than being born in Kenya, what foreign experience does the silver-tongued Junior Senator from Illinois bring to the fray?

Moreover, what accomplishments and achievements were in Obama’s background?

An objective review of Obama’s history, a major responsibility of the free press, would have revealed damn little real world experience that would help him function effectively as the most powerful man on earth.

Yes, he was a very gifted orator capable of sending thrills up and down the legs of dimmer bulbs in the mainstream media. Yes, his speeches were adorned with high-sounding ideals and words of inspiration.

Yet, after Barack Obama stopped speaking one was left with the gut-wrenching question: Just what did the hell he say? It sounded great, but what was the bottom- line message other than nebulous words about Hope and Change?

For the mainstream American media, Barack Obama’s eloquent speech was more than enough.

After all, Barack Obama:

1. Was not George W. Bush or anything like him., and

2. Was black and ultra-liberal.

Thus, did the media create the metaphysical phenomenon known as ObamaMania, which swept across America, Europe, and eventually all across the globe.

All the while, skeptical conservatives warned the unwary that Barack Obama had neither the experience nor passion for America (and her values) required to serve as U.S. President.

Obama supporters dismissed nay-saying skeptics by arguing that any shortfall in practical experience would be more than compensated for by Obama’s sky-high IQ.

He was so damn smart, lefties said, that traditional measurements of qualifications simply did not apply.

After more than six years in office, Barack Obama has created a dismal legacy of incompetence, dithering, indecisiveness, narrow-minded laziness, and outright lying.

His addiction to wrong minded liberal policies has imposed substantial damaged on the US economy, military, racial relations, reliance on the US constitution and rule of law, and other major American institutions.

Obama’s policies have wrought unemployment, a still-crumbling economy, out-of-control deficit spending, the ObamaCare disaster, and failed leadership on a host of domestic and foreign issues, AND a Constitutional crisis of epic proportions.

Barack Obama came into office thinking that he knew best about all and that his mission was to change everything.

Clearly, he was unqualified to be president and should have never been elected or reelected, a fact that the mainstream media has worked non-stop to cover up.

As America enters the 2016 presidential season, the mainstream media MUST reverse course and take seriously it’s responsibility to vet candidates thoroughly, so as to flesh out the used-car salesman fraud  personified by Barack Hussein Obama.

Most of all, the mainstream media types must understand that being, “Clean and Articulate” is NOT qualification enough for any candidate, regardless of how black and liberal any such candidate might be!

Nor should the pundits give a free pass to a candidate because of gender, as many are itching to do with regard to Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Again, professional, objective vetting is vital to the integrity of the American electoral process!