Congressional Republicans Should Turn Their Backs to Obama During SOU!

By John W. Lillpop

In recent weeks, New York City police have made clear their intense anger with reckless statements made by Mayor Bill de Blasio concerning the men and women in law enforcement who risk their very lives in defense of the people on a daily basis.

By turning their collective backs on de Blasio during public events, the police have sent a powerful message to the out-of-touch left-wing mayor: Denigrating remarks made by the mayor about police exacerbate the level of distrust and resentment that exists between the public and law enforcement, and may have been causative to the execution-style assassination of two officers in Brooklyn on December 20.

There is another out-of-touch liberal, this one housed in Washington, D.C., who has done great harm to America and who richly deserves to be rebuked publicly by Congress during the State of the Union (SOU)message scheduled for delivery by the anarchist-in-chief next Tuesday.

Barack Hussein Obama has acted willfully, and with malice, to violate the US Constitution by acting unilaterally and against the express will of the United States Congress.

He has issued invalid, unlawful Executive Orders for the express purpose of enacting his own will, without proper respect or acknowledgment of the Congress and we the people.

Obama, the renegade dictator, has made a mockery of the rule of law with boorish behavior more typical in a third-world banana, than in a first- world nation, which is proven leader in democracy, trade, freedom, and culture.

Barack Obama has willfully abandoned strong US allies and embraced our enemies.

Worse of all, Obama has attempted to “fundamentally transform” the most successful example of self-governance in human history, a feat for which he lacks the most basic intellectual, spiritual, and moral, credentials.

In sum, Barack Obama is a dismal failure in all facets of his woe- begotten time in office.

Thus, when his arrival at the US House of Representatives is announced on Tuesday evening, all Republican Senators and Representatives should show their continued support for America and her values by turning their backs to the personage most responsible for the decline of our once great nation.

God Bless America, but God DAMN Barack Obama!