Mexican President Nieto Praises Obama Unlawful Decree on Illegal Aliens: What About Reform in Mexico?

By John W. Lillpop

Barack Obama’s unconstitutional decree to exempt certain illegal aliens from deportation is strongly opposed by most Americans who still respect and honor the rule of law.

However, US rule of law is not worth a whole lot when it comes to Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto who finds the Obama dictatorial action “very intelligent and audacious,” due in large part to the fact that under Obama’s anti-American scheme, responsibility for Mexican invaders would officially transfer to the backs of American tax payers, thereby relieving the failed, 3rd-world state of Mexico from the feeding and care of millions of its own undesirables.

Lest President Nieto be misunderstood as a good-hearted philanthropist on a mission to help displaced illegals, understand that Mexico’s law is among the more severe and unforgiving when it comes to illegal immigration.

Being in Mexico illegally is a felony and illegals are not allowed to feast on the pubic dole for food stamps, free housing and health care, or education, as is the case in America.

In 2014, more illegals were deported from Mexico than from America!

And Mexico is notorious as a violator of human rights, including poor treatment of illegals.

So, President Nieto, since you view Obama’s unlawful acts as “very intelligent and audacious” when is Mexico going to follow suit by granting amnesty to all illegals in Mexico?

How about tearing down the border fence between Mexico and Guatemala?