Papers for the "Undocumented" Invaders!

By John W. Lillpop

To hear Democrats and Hispanic racists tell it, the 20 million or so criminals squatting in America from Mexico and points further south are not "illegal aliens."

Rather, the uninvited and unwelcome guests are undocumented lovers, students, philanthropists, poets, philosophers, artists, circus clowns, snake charmers,earth worshipers,comics, human rights activists, potential organ donors, and other vital cogs in America the beautiful.

According to deluded open borders nut cases, nary a terrorist or other manner of criminal is among the beloved 20 million. Each and every one is a noble and loving human miracle, worthy of the highest form of respect that can be conferred on a stranger without knowing a damn thing about that stranger's medical, financial, criminal, or social background and history.

There is, they point out, no Spanish translation for the term Al-Quaeda. Not needed, you see, because potential terrorists are weeded out of Latino families at an early age. And raised to be members of MS-13 and other respectable Latino gangs, it should be noted.

So to the leftist and Hispanic racist mind set, the issue of illegal immigration is merely a Caucasian canard to keep brown people out of America. What is the fuss, they scream, over a simple piece of paper when human poverty and hunger need to be addressed?

During a visit to America in 2008, Pope Benedict even joined the fray by lecturing American politicians about the awful consequences of separating families.

So, Your Holiness, why not counsel your flock of brown sheep to stay with their families in their home nations, instead of invading America and disrupting the aspirations of middle-class American families who just happen to be citizens?

If family is so critically important to Pancho, then Pancho should not leave his family in Mexico to invade America!

To those Panchos already here and in a snit about leaving family created here or smuggled in, do us a favor: Take all your family, including anchor babies, with you back to Mexico!

Pronto, if you please!

Above all else, keep that family together--just not here!

But to concede a point ever so slightly, I agree that illegal aliens deserve some form of American documentation.

In my not-so-humble view, that document should be an an official Deportation Order issued to each and every last one of the 20 million invaders!

How's that for documenting the undocumented?