Lincoln, Reagan, and Obama: American Presidents with Ties to Illinois

By John W. Lillpop

On February 16, America will celebrate President's Day to honor the 44 men whom have served as president of our great nation.

Presidents Lincoln, Reagan, and Obama all have roots in Illinois.

Abraham Lincoln was born in Kentucky, but moved to Illinois which eventually became renowned as the Land of Lincoln. He is the most beloved of all of America's presidents, past and present.

Ronald Reagan was born in Illinois. He moved to California (Hollywood) and was elected governor of that state for two terms. The Reagan Revolution culminated with Reagan's two-term presidency and the triumph of conservatism over liberal socialism. He is the second most beloved president in American history.

Barack Obama was allegedly born in Hawaii, although that fact remains in dispute. Obama parlayed $750 million dollars, massive voter fraud (ACORN), and a mainstream media afflicted with "thrills running up and down their legs" into a victory for the most liberal candidate in history.

His first year in office has been marked by staggering incompetence, grating arrogance, and an unhealthy obsession with anti-American behavior.

The state of Illinois deserves a special tip of the hat for gifting America with Presidents Lincoln and Reagan.

Thanks, Illinois: Two out of three ain't bad!