Is President Obama Stable Enough to Serve?

By John W. Lillpop

During the 2008 presidential campaign, Barack Obama paid exceptional amounts of money to have his image crafted by savvy professionals who made the Democrat appear cool, calm, and collected, a stalwart with both feet squarely on the ground, unflappable, and always in control.

Unfortunately, one year into the Obama presidency, the facts reveals a much different story.

To begin with, the candidate has a history of drug use as chronicled in The Audacity of Hope, in which he confesses to illegal drug experimentation.

As commendable as it is for Obama to voluntarily expose his dirty laundry, it is worth noting that former drug offenders are often quite skilled at manipulating facts to avoid the full, ugly truth from being exposed. Many drastically and deliberately understate the extent of their drug use, and hide other less innocent crimes in the process.

No one is saying that that is the case with the president; however, it is prudent to be alert to all possibilities, especially where the presidency of the United States is concerned.

Furthermore, Obama has apparently been unable to break his addiction to tobacco. Smoking cigarettes is a particularly pernicious weakness that speaks to a character defect of the type that rarely curses strong, capable leaders.

Smoking is a killer of weak community organizers, rather than bold innovators and agents of change.

Smoking cigarettes obviously poses a grave health risk.

Even more importantly, the President of the United States is a role model for young people all over the world; he is supposed to be an inspiration to those starting out in life with stars in their eyes and dreams in their innocent minds.

Seeing an African-American with a cigarette dangling from his mouth, obviously bound by the slavery of tobacco addiction, sends an awful message to our youth, one that makes the Audacity of Hope seem a cruel hoax.

To say nothing of the obvious appearance of impropriety. How can Barack Obama be an effective warrior against Big Tobacco moguls when the man is utterly dependent on their products for his own emotional stability?

How can the Chosen One be the poster child for "Just Say No!" when he himself is a veritable bowl of jelly without a Camel to puff on?

As if Obama's past drug use and current addition to tobacco were not bad enough, it is well known that the 47-year-old is hooked on cell telephones, again almost to the point of addiction.

In fact, unconfirmed rumors suggest that the cauliflower ears sported by the candidate are the direct result of over exposure to cell telephones!

Were it not for the disfiguring effects of constantly being affixed to a cell phone, some scientists claim that Obama's ears would be close to normal.

As it is, Obama seems a dead ringer for that popular Disney figure, Dumbo the Flying elephant.

The fact that the elephant is a copyrighted icon of the Republican Party makes Obama's appearance highly offensive to both liberals and conservatives alike.

In addition to the bad karma wrought by unsightly big ears, there is a credible health risk to take into account.

Specifically, some scientists believe that "The potential link between mobile telephones and brain cancer could be similar to the link between lung cancer and smoking -- something tobacco companies took 50 years to recognize, according to US scientists' warning."


Besides the obvious health issues involved in drug use, addiction to tobacco, and dangerous overuse of cell phones, a vital question must be answered: Why would one so cool, calm, and collected need drugs, tobacco, or cell phones to function?

Barack Obama seems to need artificial substances and or devices in order to cope.

The big question: Is Barack Obama stable enough to be Commander-in-Chief and holder of the nuclear codes?