Time to Delete the Name Clinton from List of 2016 Presidential Prospects!

By John W. Lillpop

After watching Hillary Clinton lie, deny, and defy her way through an illogical, contradictory and foolish attempt to explain why she believes herself justified in maintaining a private system for receiving, transmitting, and storing State Department documentation, contrary to federal requirements, one is struck by the fact that this political beast is of the same elitist, anti-rule of law mindset as the Demo-thug currently occupying the White House.

Simply put, Hillary Clinton believes herself to be so special and above the law that even being asked questions about her e-mails is an untenable affront to her stature and beyond- reproach station in American politics.

In her eyes, the issue smacks of the “Vast Right-wing Conspiracy” that nearly brought down the Bill Clinton presidency because of his perjury before the US Supreme Court.

Hillary’s eyes and body language reflect an attitude which says, “Hey, bimbos. This is THE Hillary speaking, so back off!”

The big question: Is America prepared to take on another Clinton after suffering through two lawless and corrupt terms of Barack Obama?