Here’s Wishing Nancy Pelosi a Happy 74th, and a Restful Retirement!

By John W. Lillpop

On March 26, Nancy Pelosi, the person most responsible for San Francisco’s deserved reputation as a Mecca for progressive insanity, will turn 74 years old.

That’s right, Nancy Pelosi will have been on the planet for almost three quarters of a century!  The fact that the planet is still alive, if not doing so well, is a testament to the tenacity  of Mother Nature in combating idiocy!

After Pelosi’s wrecking ball career in the US House, especially her role in the corrupt takeover of the best health care system in the world and replacement thereof with the thievery popularly known as Obamacare, isn’t it time, Ms. Pelosi,  to put the wrecking ball out to pasture?

Just last week, Pelosi’s Comrade in Leftist Crime, Rep.Henry Waxman, announced that he is giving the American people, the Republic, and the entire concept of reasoned self-governance a break, by retiring from the US House!

Bravo, Comrade, Mr. Waxman! After 40 years of disservice, you finally got one right!

Now if we can just convince the embarrassing Pelosi to join Waxman in returning to the once Golden state of California to live out her remaining years as a permanent member of the detested “1 percent” crowd, America will benefit---except, that is, for those of us who still live in the dust and insanity of liberal politics gone batty!

Adios, Nancy, and thanks for exactly nothing!